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Messari Fundraising Data
Tracking Crypto Venture Capital, Private Equity & M&A deals
Review completed investments, identify upcoming trends and monitor competition with over 8,000 crypto funding rounds, 500+ M&A Deals and data on 10,000+ investors.
The most complete crypto fundraising dataset
8000+ Funding Rounds
Access to 8,000+ funding rounds ranging from pre-seed to secondary. Filter by project, investor, amount, valuation, stage, date, and more.
10,000+ Investors
Access to 10,000 investors profiles and portfolio, including VC Funds, Hedge Funds, Investment DAOs, Corporate Funds, and Angels.
800+ Funds
Access to 800+ funds fundraising round data ranging from VC funds to hedge funds and ecosystem funds.
500+ M&A deals
Access to 500+ deals ranging from mergers to acquisitions. Identify market trends, potential acquirers, and stay on top of financing in crypto.
Powerful screening capabilities
Advanced filtering capabilities
Live updates
Track what matters to you
Filter investors by their most common investment stage & sector
Filter investors by location
Filter investors based on their regular co-investors
Filter funding rounds based on amount raised, sector, networks, date, stage and many more fields
Built for your needs
Investment Firms and Angel Investors
Monitor competition and identify new deal flow
Raise funds, identify potential investors or monitor the state of funding for competitors
Corporate Development Teams
Identify potential acquisition opportunities and monitor trends in the industry
BD Teams
Identify prospects among newly funded entities

Accessing Messari Fundraising Data requires an Enterprise subscription. Reach out to [email protected] if you want to learn more, or click on the Schedule a demo button above.

You can read more about our full methodology on our Documentation. We are always striving to extend and improve our coverage. Don't hesitate to email [email protected] if you have any questions.

One main differentiation is that we focus exclusively on Crypto funding rounds, M&A deals, and funds. This allows us to have a more refined classification system for investors and funded entities, with a fully-fledged dedicated taxonomy, featuring 85 sectors, 25 categories, and 50+ tags. This notably allows users to create flexible screeners targeting a specific subset of the industry. We also cover more rounds, M&A deals, & funds than other crypto-native data aggregators. At the time of writing, our database includes over 8,000+ rounds, 11,000+ investors, 800+ funds and over 500 M&A deals, making it the most robust dataset in the industry.

Enterprise users can download up to 100 results per screen. For larger exports or access to the Messari Fundraising API, please contact your sales representative.