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Professional-grade Research Reports covering the latest trends and assets in the crypto space

Fundraising Screener to track trends across 8,000+ crypto funding rounds, 500+ M&A Deals, and 10,000+ investors

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Full access to advanced asset screening with custom filters, queries, and metrics

Real-time Governance Tracker covering proposals from their initial stages through votes and implementation

Advanced AI Digests with all of the features in Lite plus Key Developments for major protocol changes

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Messari API
Leverage the Messari API to analyze the crypto markets, monitor events in real time, and power your workflows
Access market data, key events, governance, news, research, and diligence reports through the Messari API
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The all-in-one crypto data API for quantitative and qualitative data

Market Data: Market data for 13,000+ assets across 150+ exchanges.

Intel Events: Real-time event tracking for 400+ assets including client releases, hacks, blockchain halts, network upgrades, legal or regulatory actions, and changes to project teams.

News: News articles from the most trusted crypto media outlets and project blogs, including AI-generated summaries for each piece of content.

Token Unlocks: Token vesting schedules, distributions, stakeholder information, and unlock events for 90+ assets.

Governance: Proposals, DAOs, and governance metrics for 100+ protocols.

Research: Access to Messari’s best-in-class research and diligence reports directly via our API.

The all-in-one Crypto API
Market Data
Intel Events
Token Unlocks
Research Reports
Diligence Reports
Robust price and volume data for 13,000+ assets across 150+ venues
Timeseries data for assets and markets
Outlier and anomaly detection to filter out the signal from the noise
Data sourced from multiple data providers and internal trade ingestors
One API, Limitless Use Cases
Analyze quantitative market data and qualitative data from a variety of sources
Infrastructure Providers
Never miss a network upgrade, performance issue, or critical security update
Compliance Teams
Monitor assets you support for the latest fundamental, technical, operational, and legal updates
Stay up to date and monitor the crypto markets to make informed decisions and respond to real-time events as they occur

Contact BD at [email protected] to learn more about API access.

Contact Customer Success at [email protected] for access.

You can view the documentation at docs.messari.io.

While we have tested our API extensively ahead of the beta period, we believe in continuously improving our API to meet our users' needs. The beta phase allows us to gather valuable user feedback and make enhancements based on real-world usage.